HDPE pipe Welding Machine 630mm


HDPE Butt Fusion Welding Machine Hydraulic (Semi – Automatic) 315 to 630mm (Model No. SMH630 )

With complete high and superior quality Components. Long Service Life ensuring Low Maintenance and Easy Operating System. Machines comes with four high grade aluminum die cast main clamps supported by two hydraulic SS grade cylinders and hose pipes with SS quick couplings. Built-in digital timers for soaking & integrated with Buzzer with loud audible & visual signal. The Standard components consists of – Main Machine Body, Heating Plate, Trimming Unit, Electro Hydraulic Unit, Trimmer / Heating Plate Stand, Reduce Clamp Inserts and Operation and service manual for 315 to 630mm HDPE hydraulic Butt Fusion Welding machine.

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Technical Specification : 

  1. Fusion Range(mm) -315, 355, 400, 450, 500, 630mm
  2. Temperature Heating Range – 270 °C
  3. Temperature Deviation in Surface – ≤±5 °C
  4. Working Voltage – 415V/50HZ – 3 Phase
  5. Pressure Adjustable Ranges – 0-15Mpa
  6. Heating Plate Power – 9.5kw
  7. Planning Tool Power – 1.5kw
  8. Hydraulic Unit Power –1.5kw
  9. Total Power – 12.5kw
  10. Gross Weight – 650KG
  11. Volume – 3.2 M³
  12. Packing – 3 Wooden Box





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